Samsung Will Launch A Foldable Screen Phone In September

Samsung Will Launch A Foldable Screen Phone In September:

Popularity: 904 [Size] Updated: 2019-07-25 6:21 PM    Tags : folding screen phone , Samsung Electronics[Epoch Times, July 25, 2019] Samsung Electronics (Samsung) said on Thursday (July 25) 

That its foldable screen smartphone Galaxy Fold will be launched in the global market in September. The phone was found to have structural flaws earlier, and Samsung delayed the release of the phone earlier this year.

First folding screen mobile phone Fold

Samsung Electronics said in a statement on Thursday that as the world’s largest smartphone manufacturer, Samsung is committed to addressing these issues by changing the top protective layer of the device, enhancing the hinges and adding additional display protection. It also said that it has completed the improvement of its first folding screen mobile phone Fold, and the final evaluation is in progress.

The Wall Street Journal reported that the phone, called Galaxy Fold, is priced at nearly $2,000, marking a major change in smartphone design, knowing that smartphones have used the same design in the past decade.

The Galaxy Fold uses a tablet-sized screen that can be folded from the middle like a book. The folded size, such as the size of a person’s palm, can be placed in a pocket or wallet for easy carrying. Another feature is that when the phone is folded up, the outside is equipped with a second smaller display screen that can perform most of the operational tasks.

Samsung originally planned to launch the Galaxy Fold in the United States on April 26 but found that the display screen was defective during the product evaluation process, as well as problems related to hinges or flashing screens, thus delaying the time to market.

Yonhap News reported that Samsung Electronics said that the improved Galaxy Fold foldable function is unchanged, and the performance of external foreign objects should be strengthened. The screen protector is seamlessly connected to the screen frame, and the user cannot tear the protective film at will. Previously, the protective film and the frame had a spacing of 2 mm. During the evaluation, it was found that if the protective film was torn off, the screen might be damaged.

In addition, to improve the Galaxy Fold’s ability to cope with external impacts, a new protective sleeve is added to the top and bottom of the folding hinge slot. At the same time, in order to prevent foreign matter from causing performance problems, a metal film has been added to the back of the screen.

Huari reported that even if Samsung delayed the release, Galaxy Fold seems to be the first mainstream folding screen device. Because its rival Huawei’s similar mobile phones suffered setbacks due to US restrictions.

Samsung will release the Galaxy Fold in a specific market but did not provide detailed instructions. 


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