These 5 Best Smartphones Are Priced Below $500:

These 5 Best Smartphones Are Priced Below $500:

The Samsung Galaxy S9 is not the latest in Samsung smartphones, but it is still the best.

According to Business Insider, today’s smartphones are more expensive than ever. The highest version of Apple’s latest iPhone in 2016 starts at $770, but today, Apple’s top model has risen to $1,100.

If you abandon Apple and look for the flagship smartphones of companies like Samsung , LG and Google , these Android phones are not much cheaper. For example, Samsung’s Galaxy S10 starts at $900 at the time of its debut, while Google’s Pixel 3 is priced at $800 at the time of launch.

So, do you need to pay nearly $1,000 to get a great smartphone? In fact, if you don’t mind giving up some features and choosing the old model, you only need to spend $500 or less to get the opportunity to buy the 20 best smartphones in the world in the Business Insider rankings. 5 models.

  • Motorola Moto G7

Motorola’s Moto G series often makes you forget that you are using cheap phones, as is the G7.

With the $270 Moto G7, Motorola has successfully provided paired version features that are commonly used on more expensive smartphones, such as the dual-lens camera system and fast charging. In addition, like many other more expensive smartphones, it has a near-edge-to-edge screen and a waterproof design.

  • Apple iPhone 7

Apple’s iPhone 7 has been around for nearly three years, but it is still a reliable choice for Apple enthusiasts with limited financial budgets.

Starting at $450, the iPhone 7 is waterproof and features a clearer (and cheaper) clear screen than the company’s latest iPhone. It runs on the same processor used for the entry-level iPad, which is very powerful for basic tasks like web browsing and mobile gaming.

  • Razer Phone2

The $500 Razer Phone 2 proves that even if you shop on a limited budget, you don’t have to sacrifice strong performance.

The Razer Phone 2 has a super-high-speed screen with a 120Hz refresh rate, which is significantly higher than that of a normal smartphone display. It also runs on Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 845 processor, which is now a bit old, but it’s the same as the previous generation of flagship products from companies such as Samsung. With 8GB of RAM (RAM), it has more memory than other phones.

  • Samsung Galaxy S9

Samsung Galaxy S9. ( LLUIS GENE/AFP/Getty Images)
The Samsung Galaxy S9 is not the latest in Samsung smartphones, but it is still the best. The $500 Galaxy S9 features a Samsung color curved AMOLED screen and a high-quality camera that adjusts the aperture based on the light. Like Samsung’s newer smartphones, the S9 also has the company’s Bixby virtual assistant, built into the operating system and camera.

  • Google Pixel 3a

Google Pixel 3a is a smaller version of Pixel 3’s flagship product. Google sells two models: the smaller one, priced at $400, and the screen is 5.6 inches; the slightly larger one, the screen is 6 inches, priced at $480. Both phones retain many of the features of the more expensive Pixel 3, such as Google’s Night Sight feature, which allows you to take high-quality photos in the dark. They all have OLED screens that typically produce better contrast than LCD displays. 

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