Apple released the new iPod touch after four years:

Apple released the new iPod touch after four years:

Apple announced the new iPod touch on Tuesday (May 28), the company’s first new iPod since 2015. The new iPod touch will run twice as fast as the old model.

Apple has not forgotten its loyal iPod enthusiasts. According to CNN, after several years of brewing, the IT giant launched its new iPod touch (Apple Multimedia Player) on Tuesday. The upgraded iPod may not change much in appearance, but at twice the speed of the original model.

The iPod seems to be outdated for some people. But relatively speaking, its small size and low price help Apple to attract different market segments outside the iPhone. By January 2004, the iPod became the most popular digital music player in the United States.

At the peak of the iPod in 2008, it sold more than 55 million units. After its sales of less than 20 million, Apple stopped releasing iPod sales data in 2013.

After that, the iPod is no longer highlighted on the company’s website or displayed in the Apple Store as it did during its heyday. However, they still attract some niche markets (niche markets, niche markets).

The new iPod touch hardware has been upgraded. It will run on the A10 Fusion chip, which is a little earlier than the latest iPhone chip.

The iPhone 7 is also running on the A10, so the chip has been around for 3 years. But the A10 is faster than the 2015 version of the A8 chip.

Apple are out to prove the nostalgia is real with the announcement of their first new iPod since 2015. Say hello to the seventh generation iPod Touch.

This means the new iPod can support Group FaceTime calls and augmented reality applications. Apple (Nasdaq: AAPL) is also taking advantage of this opportunity to warm up the upcoming game subscription products. The company announced in March that it will launch its game subscription product, Apple Arcade.

iPod touch also offers a new 256GB storage option to meet customers’ needs to save some extra music files. This is Apple’s largest storage capacity to date. The discontinued iPod Classic (iPod with a click-to-click) offers up to 160GB of storage.

The new iPod touch looks similar to the old iPod touch, with a physical home button, a compact 4-inch display, and is priced lower than most current iPhones.

The new iPod touch starts at $199 (32GB storage capacity); 256GB of memory costs up to $399. Products are available in grey, white, gold, blue, pink and red and can be ordered online in 27 countries starting Tuesday. 

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