Apple will launch a credit card Apple Card in August:

Apple will launch a credit card Apple Card in August:

On March 25, 2019, at Apple’s headquarters in Cupertino, California, Apple CEO Tim Cook introduced the Apple Card. (NOAH BERGER/AFP/Getty Images)

[The Epoch Times, July 31, 2019] (Epoch Times reporter Gao Shan compiled reports) Apple CEO Tim Cook on Tuesday (July 30) revealed in the company’s third quarter earnings conference call, will In August, the company’s credit card , the Apple Card , was launched .

According to the National Broadcasting Corporation’s Financial Channel (CNBC), Apple announced at the service conference in March that it will launch a new credit card, and will also launch Apple TV+ streaming video services, Apple Channels, and Apple News+,etc..

According to reports, Goldman Sachs will Apple offer the Apple card software tools, while Apple will provide internal services Apple Wallet application. 
The card can be used by clicking on the iPhone at the point of purchase payment terminal, or a physical card made of titanium alloy. After the application, Apple will send a physical card to the customer.

Cook also revealed that many Apple employees have been testing the Apple Card, which will be released to the public in August. However, Cook did not give a specific release date for the Apple Card.
Cook also told Josh Lipton of NBC’s financial channel that he believes that the card’s promotion will be further strengthened after its first launch in August.

The Apple Card will provide users with an interface to show where they shop each time. It can also divide payments into different categories, such as entertainment, food, and shopping, so people know how much they spend each month.

According to reports, Apple Card will provide daily cashback, not a reward system. 
Cash can be withdrawn directly from the Apple Cash Card. Apple also promised that Apple Card will not charge annual fees, late fees, excess fees or cash advances. 
Based on credit reliability, the Apple Card’s variable annual interest rate will be between 13.24% and 24.42%.

Some analysts said that Apple may use Apple Card as a starting point for providing more financial services in future mobile wallet applications. 

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