Microsoft Power platform upgrade to AI Builder:

Microsoft Power platform upgrade to AI Builder:

PowerApps and Microsoft Flow have added AI Builder, an artificial intelligence building tool that allows users to add artificial intelligence to their applications with a small amount of code. (Microsoft)

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[Epoch Times, June 16th, 2019] (Epoch Times reporter Linda comprehensive report) Recently, Microsoft announced the addition of artificial intelligence building tool AI Builder for power platform PowerApps and Microsoft Flow, allowing users to write a small amount of program code. You can add artificial intelligence to your application. AI Builder now offers several common easy-to-use artificial intelligence features, such as object detection, binary classification, or text categorization.

Low code and no code are the latest buzzwords in the industry. The Power platform allows users to easily analyze data, build applications or automate business processes with a small amount of code, and now Microsoft is adding artificial intelligence to PowerApps and Microsoft Flow. Build tools that allow non-AI experts to apply artificial intelligence to applications or automated workflows with a small amount of code to solve everyday tasks on the business.

Microsoft can build all the analytics and heavy work required for users to build a data model, eliminating the huge barriers for enterprise users to enter the program. Can be used to predict whether a customer has registered a credit card, whether the customer has lost, or whether the loan can be approved or not.

On June 11, Salesforce announced the acquisition of Tableau for nearly $16 billion. A few days ago, Google acquired Looker for $2.6 billion, showing the weight of data in the business environment, especially when it comes to providing a way to apply data, whether in the form of visual or business-in-house applications.

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