Apple and Spotify tell each other how to divide is the key:

Apple and Spotify tell each other how to divide is the key:

This year, Apple and Spotify told each other how to divide is the key.

Popularity: 58 [Size] Tai   Zhong   smallUpdated: 2019-011-27 5:53 PM    Tags : Spotify , Apple , Apple tax , Divided , Apple Tax[Epoch Times June 27, 2019] (Epoch Times reporter Linda comprehensive report) In March this year, the music platform Spotify filed a complaint with the European Commission (EC) on Apple’s ” Apple tax” and App Store management rules. . Apple counterclaim Spotify, music artists to criticize it into too little. 

Recently, Apple has also demonstrated the application app approval process through the US financial channel CNBC. At the moment, Apple has sued Spotify, saying that only 1% of Spotify’s 100 million customers share revenue with Apple.

However, Spotify appealed not only to the ” Apple tax ” issue. It also said that Apple uses its App Store’s strength to impose other constraints on competitors, such as limiting Spotify to communicate with its customers and even emailing iOS users. And blocked the iOS upgrade, which was exposed a few years ago.

Apple’s counterattack is: Spotify emails its users and asks them to pay their bills outside of Apple’s App Store.

In addition to Spotify’s appeal, the App Store was also brought to court by other application developers in the United States. In May of this year, the US court ruled that Apple allowed its App Store to monopolize the market.

Apple believes that Spotify has used the App Store to grow and develop itself over the years, but has left all of its profits to itself. At the same time, it has given a small share of music artists and brought these creators to court. ◇



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