“Super Baki Ball” development log.

“Super Baki Ball” development log.

First of all, I would like to thank the players for their support and patience in our game. We are currently working hard to prepare the version of the game for the first time. I believe that it will not be long before the A test will meet you. We will update the developer logs from time to time to share the latest developments in our game development. The first developer log, let me share our work and recent arrangements for the last two months.
Sound problem

In order to test the game for a better game experience, our current work is mainly to fix some bugs and deal with network synchronization issues. And in the previous version, the overall game sound is not very coordinated, if you listen alone, it is fine, but when you put it together, you will find that some sound effects are louder and some are smaller, so the problem with sound effects. We are also adjusting the size of the overall sound volume.

Hero balance and redo

In the currently tested version, the skills displayed by Pink are much stronger than we expected, so in order to balance the game, some minor adjustments will be made to the hero’s skills, and some changes will be made to the big tricks of Pink and R47. In addition, we are redoing the model of the hero Pai, because some of the actions exhibited by the current model do not reach our imagination, so we will make a correction to the shape of Pai. We have some ideas about Pai’s new design, and we will continue to make changes to the Pai model, including some of the Pink’s design.

New heroes and new scenes

While preparing for the test version, we are also making new heroes, but the identity of the new hero needs to be kept secret for everyone. At the same time, the design of the new scene is also in production. We can tell you in advance that the new scene of the game is an on-site gymnasium. And the current UI in the game is not the final version, we will make changes to the overall UI in the future.

Color distinction

Many players have previously reflected the problem of team division, because the team’s color is orange and blue, Pai’s clothes are blue, causing many novice players to subconsciously think that Pai is a blue party. In fact, there will be a circle at the foot of each hero to represent the color of the team. It may not be visually obvious, so people can notice the color of the team at the first sight. We have discussed this issue, and then we will add some new UI to distinguish the game team.


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