Top 10 Best Tech Gifts of the Year

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Alright… Let’s get started … here is our Top 10 Best Tech Gifts this year

Number 10 on our TOP 10 is the Lefree Digital Counting Money Jar.

If you are looking for the best digital coin bank, then look no further. The Free Digital Coin Bank has features and ratings that have earned its place among the best on the market. It’s durable, it’s made of ABS material which makes it strong and resistant to breakage and damage that is typical with glass or ceramic models.
This one is a digital coin counter, that is fitted with an LCD display screen, which makes counting and display totals easily and visually pleasing. When it comes to powering this digital piggy bank, a pair of triple-A batteries is all that’s required.
The Free Digital Coin Bank has a large coin storage capacity, holding up to 1000 coins. You can use this device to keep all kinds of US coins, including Dollar Coins, Half Dollars, Quarters, Dimes, Nickels, and pennies. Just drop the coins in and this digital coin counter will do the rest for you. It has plus/minus buttons on the top just to help you in keeping the correct amount of savings at any point in time. This is great for adults and kids alike, and it’s even helpful in the development of basic math skills for all ages. Though not as fancy as some new tech on the market – this one is super practical and a great gift choice.

Our Number 9… is the Voch Night Light Bluetooth Speaker.

The Voch Night Light is a unique device that offers a helpful calming night light and even a night speaker.
The Voch Night Light is a short squat speaker that stands 4.76 inches tall and 3.15 inches in diameter and weighs a mere 12.4 ounces. The lighting is all around the walls of the speaker and the driver faces the top surface. The rim of the speaker grille acts as a touch sensor for various functions. There are playback controls along with the button and the volume buttons.
The lighting can be maintained at one color or can be set to transform every few seconds. It also offers 4 brightness settings that go from a dull glow to party-bright. There are separate timers for the music and lights which makes this an effective night light + speaker. The unit can play music via the TF card, the FM radio, and Bluetooth too. The battery is rated for 10 hours of music play and light display – making this one a shoo-in for our Top 10 list at number 9.

Number 8 on our TOP 10 list is the Amazon Smart Plug.

The Amazon Smart Plug lets you control whatever is plugged into it using Alexa voice commands, and it integrates with other Alexa-enabled devices
The Amazon Smart Plug is rectangular and measures 1.5 by 3.2 by 2.2 inches (HWD). It’s small enough that it won’t block access to the second plug of a two-outlet wall receptacle. There are a single-three prong outlet and an LED indicator on the front. The LED glows solid blue when the device is on, it blinks blue when it is ready for setup, blinks red when there is no network connection, and it’s dark when the device is off. An on/off button is located on the left side of the plug and there’s a 2.4 GHz WI-Fi radio under the hood.
The plug can be turned on and off using Alexa voice commands and from within the Alexa mobile app for Android and iOS devices. While this one does not offer some of the bells and whistles that some more expensive models do, it is a user-friendly and very effective addition to the tech enthusiast household.

Number 7… is the Echo Dot.

The Amazon Echo Dot (4th generation) is one of Amazon’s most popular smart speakers.
The 4th Generation Amazon Echo Dot is easier on the eyes than either of Amazon’s three previous Echo Dots. It offers rounded edges that help make the Dot look less like a hockey puck, and the fabric grille around the outer edge feels modern and classy simultaneously.
The fabric mesh design helps the Amazon Echo Dot blend in with the rest of the refreshed Amazon Echo line-up, which received a fabric-covered makeover with last year’s refresh. As a result, the new Echo Dot comes in colors to match the rest of the range, too, with Charcoal, Heather Grey, and Sandstone shades.
On the top of the Echo Dot, you’ll find four familiar buttons that consist of volume up and down, microphone mute, and Alexa, as well as a four-microphone array.
The Amazon Echo Dot 4th Generation is available at a great affordable price, making this one a sure and favored the best value, that the end-user will love.

Our Number 6… is The SanDisk iXpand Flash Drive.

The new SanDisk iXpand Flash Drive is super compact, very speedy when working with a computer, and can add up to 128GB of additional storage to your iPhone or iPad. Its mobile app can back up data from your mobile device effectively and playback content flawlessly.
The new iXpand Flash Drive is the smaller and faster version of the clever iPhone/iPad accessory that came out in late 2014. It’s a thumb drive that works with either a regular USB port on a computer or a lighting port on an Apple mobile device. When connected to an iPhone or an iPad, you can use a free app, called iXpand Drive, to playback content stored on the drive — a wide variety of video, audio, and document files — or back up the phone’s photos and contacts.
In all, if you want fast copy speed, the new iXpand is a good choice – and though pricing is proportionate with the GB need .. it is a great value and it leads the field – offering 16, 32, 64, and 128GB, respectively.

At Number 5 on our TOP 10

We have the Tile Pro. Do you or the person you are thinking of always lose their keys? How about their wallet? Our number 5The Tile Pro – is here to help! The Tile Pro is a small, waterproof, durable tracking device with Bluetooth features that helps users keep track of their easy-to-lose items. It’s hard to find any new tech product that is more useful, to be honest.
The Tile Pro now offers the ability to replace the battery that powers the Tile trackers, and it now comes at a terrific price, making this an amazing new product gift idea this season.

At Number 4… we have the Oral-B Pro 1000.

Oral-B Pro 1000 is considered by many to be the best performing value in an electric toothbrush. It has the fewest fancy features of the models we tested, but it does have the most important things experts recommend—a built-in two-minute timer and access to one of the most extensive and affordable lines of replaceable toothbrush heads available—for the lowest price.
The Oral-B Pro 1000 brush comes with a minimal charging pedestal that simply requires dropping the brush onto a peg. Fully charged, it lasts for at least a week of twice-daily two-minute brushing sessions before needing a recharge, which is on a par or superior with the other toothbrushes we tested in this price range.

Climbing into the top 3 of our top 10

We come to Number 3 .. which is the Click and Grow Smart Garden. For those who have a green thumb (or need one!), consider the Click and Grow Smart Garden that allows three different herbs to grow at once with the help of a LED light.

When you grow your own food, you not only nourish your body, but you nourish your mind and your spirit from the effort and time spent tending the plants. This one is eco-friendly and thoughtful too. Not everyone has the outdoor space to create a garden plot. So for them, the Click & Grow Smart Garden is the ideal gift this year.
The Smart Garden from Click & Grow is a self-contained garden that is perfect for even the smallest indoor spaces, offering the opportunity to grow up to 9 different plants with the larger size, or a smaller version that can grow 3 plants. We love and recommend the Smart Garden from Click & Grow!

Number 2… is the Tineco A10 Hero Cordless Vacuum.

Cordless stick vacuums are extremely portable and are always ready to clean because they have long battery life, they dock on a charger, and they can clean from floors to rafters without running out of space in the bin or battery. the A10 Hero is lightweight, it delivers up to 25 minutes of uninterrupted run-n-clean time, and it can be mounted on your wall for convenient out-of-the-way storage. And one of the best features for this one is the current pricing… it’s a great new tech product that won’t break the bank.
The A10 comes with the standard assortment of attachments including a crevice tool, a mini-powered brush, and an upholstery brush. While vacuum attachments by themselves don’t wow us .. we really liked the fact that the default brush head has a bright LED light to help you spot dirt and debris under furniture and in dark hard to see areas.

We are finally to our NUMBER ONE on the list .. our NUMBER ONE on our Top 10 best tech gifts this year is .. The Pillow Pad Cushioned Tablet and iPad Stand.

This one is a comfortable effective practical and thoughtful gift. You can use it as an iPad pillow standat 3 different viewing angles. You can enjoy every reading position imaginable while using it.
Moreover, it is made of lightweight foam. It comes with an ultra-suede cover that offers a pleasing and sturdy feel – and a flexible design. It is compatible with varied models of tablets, e-readers, and smartphones. No doubt, this is a great and ideal tablet accessory.
Customer reviews are through the roof on this one .. making it a terrific and thoughtful choice for sure. The Pillow Pad Cushioned Tablet and iPad Stand is a great value and selection this year – and our #1 on our list.

That’s our TOP 10 Best Tech Gifts of the year ..


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