5G Network Security Is Especially Important, Huawei And Other Chinese Companies Pose Threats.

5G Network Security Is Especially Important, Huawei And Other Chinese Companies Pose Threats.

5G technology has a major impact on public and national security. First, 5G networks will quickly become part of each country’s critical infrastructure. 5G will infiltrate and influence not only the communications and Internet markets, but also all areas of human society: industry, home, healthcare, entertainment, agriculture,etc.

The Internet connection of a large number of devices poses a risk in itself, making everything from individual homes to energy networks more vulnerable to hackers.

Fergus Hanson, a think tank manager who advised Australian politicians and the International Cyber ​​Policy Centre, said that unlike the familiar 3G and 4G, 5G plays far more than ever. He said: “The network we are talking about will control every important thing in our lives…and even decide to live and die…so it is very important to have a trusted supplier to build a 5G network.”

Klon Kitchen, a researcher at the American Heritage Foundation, said that the Chinese government fully supports Huawei’s research on state-of-the-art Internet technology and equipment and promotes Huawei’s global output. He said that theft of intellectual property and intelligence is only one of the problems. Huawei’s use of its own equipment to hand over large amounts of data from various countries to the Chinese (CCP) government is a real bigger threat. Although Huawei has always claimed that it will not do so, Kechin said that under the law of the Chinese Communist Party, Huawei could not resist the requirements of the Chinese government.

Jeff Smith, a researcher at the Heritage Foundation’s Asian Studies Center, believes that unless you fully trust the Chinese Communist regime, you cannot trust China’s Huawei company.

“This is not a question of trusting in not trusting Huawei, and whether it can trust the Chinese Communist regime.”

The 5G network will also provide the impetus for the development of fully autonomous weapons that can determine their own firing targets. 5G also enables facial recognition technology to track the public in real time.

In recent years, the Chinese authorities have promoted the use of face recognition technology to monitor people. Dutch security experts recently said that they assisted in monitoring the technology companies in Xinjiang, and the database was leaked. There are as many as 256 million people’s data and 6.8 million records. If they are not encrypted, they can be browsed or downloaded by others. .

At present, there are about 200 million monitors in China, monitoring people’s every move. The Chinese authorities even plan to increase the number of monitors by at least 2 times by 2020.

Tencent was founded in 1998, and as of January this year, WeChat has reached 1 billion active users. Since its inception, the company has been forced to comply with the CCP’s strict information control. According to media reports and expert research, WeChat has been improving its review function and using artificial intelligence to identify and delete sensitive image information.

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