Best 5 WhatsApp Tracker Apps 2023

By | September 6, 2023

WhatsApp is a wide platform that allows users to send text messages, voice messages, and video messages make voice and video calls, and share documents, images, and many other content related to it Whatsapp Tracker is the Most Poplars app for WhatsApp users.

WhatsApp is used by over to be people in many countries. It is a reliable, simple, and private app so you can easily keep connected with your family and friends.

Many WhatsApp tracker apps help you trace all the activities related to WhatsApp in the target device in a specific period. WhatsApp tracker apps help you to track anyone’s chat, status online and offline line timing last seen, etc.


Whatsapp Trackers App:

These are Different most popular Whatsapp Trackers App for WhatsApp users Are below.

1. WA-Tracker:

WA Tracker is one of the high-quality and modified WhatsApp trackers that help you monitor all the activities related to status and last seen.

By getting access to the last seen and status you will come to know the total time a person spent on WhatsApp, the exact time when he was online on WhatsApp, and for how long he remained active on it. WA trackers are available for Android and are free of charge. You just have to install this app on your mobile then launch it and start using free WhatsApp.

2. WA-stats:

WA-stats is a WhatsApp tracker aimed to track online status and last seen of anyone on WhatsApp.Are your children wasting time online? This WhatsApp tracker app is here to track your child’s online activities and last seen too.

  •  You can receive instant notifications of your target device.
  •  These WhatsApp trackers help you to monitor an unlimited number of profiles.
  •  This WhatsApp tracker app has a free trial to test the functionality.
  •  You can say it is a data safety WhatsApp tracker.

3. Femisafe:

These WhatsApp trackers are also called parental control trackers. This tracker allows you to track location and GPS.

You can find your child’s current location, create family links, find friends, find lost phones, and block any appropriate app with the help of this WhatsApp tracker.

You can use website filters and browse History, and detect suspicious photos, and suspicious text detection. You have to simply install this WhatsApp tracker in the target device, and register a Femisafe screen time parental control tracker app.


4. W-Track:

This WhatsApp tracker is designed to assist you in checking last seen and notifications when someone is online or offline on WhatsApp.

It is best for parental to control their child’s activities on WhatsApp. It is designed to check the online activities of your family members. Secretly add your family members and start the analysis. You can get notifications when your family members are online or offline by your email address.

5.WaLog: online last seen tracker:

This is an advanced online tracker, last-last-seen tracker, and an online notifier. The safety of this WhatsApp tracker is concerned with how developers collect and share your data.
Safety matters vary on users’ use, age, and region. You can get a quick notification when someone is online or offline. You can also check the last seen of a person by using this WhatsApp tracker.

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