Easily transfer data between iOS12.4 and WiFi iPhone:

Easily transfer data between iOS12.4 and WiFi iPhone:


Whenever you upgrade your iPhone, transferring data from your old iPhone to your new iPhone is a headache.

Whenever you upgrade the iPhone, transferring the data from the old iPhone to the new iPhone is a headache. But if your two phones have the latest iOS 12.4 installed and you have WiFi, you can easily transfer data between the old and new iPhones.

Apple released iOS 12.4 on the 23rd of last month. According to Apple’s official instructions, iOS 12.4 added the ability to wirelessly transfer data directly from the old iPhone during setup and move to the new iPhone. Even if there is no iCloud backup recently, it doesn’t matter.

If you have two iPhones or iPads with iOS 12.4 or above installed, and the two devices are put together, plus WiFi, you can easily transfer data.

You can transfer almost everything in your old iPhone, including text messages, images, app settings, and more. However, after completing the initial setup process, you still need to download the app from the Apple Store.

This is a feature that Android has been able to use for years. For iPhone users, this is a great feature if you don’t save your recent iCloud backup, or don’t have enough iCloud space to save new data, or simply want to transfer data.

Running iOS 12.4 on the new iPhone, you will be prompted to place it near the old iPhone. Follow the prompts and put the two phones together to place the old iPhone on top of the new iPhone.

As long as the old iPhone is also running iOS 12.4 or higher, you can start the transfer after confirming the Apple ID. You need to enter the lock screen password of the old iPhone on the new iPhone.

You’ll see a new option for “transfer from iPhone” or “download from iCloud”, select “Transfer from iPhone” and connect two iPhones to the same WiFi network.

Subsequently, all settings, text messages, pictures, videos, etc. in the old iPhone will be sent to the new iPhone. You can also choose whether you want to transfer some settings, such as Apple Pay and Siri, from your previous iPhone to your new iPhone.

The transmission time will vary depending on the amount of data. And during the data transmission process, neither iPhone can be used.

Keep in mind that if you prefer, you can still use iCloud to back up your data, just select the “Download from iCloud” option on the start screen.

Other improvements and fixes for iOS 12.4 include security fixes for the Apple Watch “Talkie” app and re-enabling the “Talkie” feature.

In addition, the official version of iOS 12.4 modem has been upgraded from 1.05.04 of iOS 12.3.1 to 1.06.02 now. After the iPhone user upgrades, the signal is getting better. In actual use, the underground garage with poor signal coverage In the subway and other areas, signal reception has also improved significantly.


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