FCC New Rules Will Punish Overseas Phone Fraudsters:

By | February 6, 2020

FCC New Rules Will Punish Overseas Phone Fraudsters:

Telephone fraud is endless, and people must not panic when they receive any calls, confirm the situation, and take measures. 

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(The Epoch Times reporter Linda reported) The US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and Congress have enacted new rules allowing them to track fraudulent calls originating from overseas, or other scammers. The FCC says the rule is not new, but a follow-up to the Ray Baum’s Act. The law was passed last year because the previous “Caller ID” bill only targeted domestic calls, leaving a big loophole because scammers have multiple ways to make calls from overseas.

The Ray Baum Act fills this loophole by explicitly prohibiting international fraud and robotic phone technology using modern infrastructure such as VoIP.

However, just arbitrating that it is illegal does not allow the FCC to arrest criminals. If the FCC regulations do not stipulate how to locate and act against those who commit crimes, then it has no right to do so, and this is where the new rules are used.

The new rules will be announced later this week and will be voted at the FCC’s August 1 public meeting. If passed, the FCC will be able to arrest domestic criminals, but it may not be easy to hunt down criminals in foreign countries—especially those that are not friendly to the United States.

As for longer-term solutions, operators are designing a new system to completely eliminate phone crimes, although there are concerns about increasing phone bills. 

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