Lenovo launches saver Y7000P hail white In China:

By | February 13, 2020

Lenovo launches saver Y7000P hail white In China:

2019ChinaJoy scene, Lenovo released a new Lenovo Saver Y7000P game notebook hail white version, cool appearance, powerful performance, and this brings a 16GB RAM popularity storm, plus 1TB SSD mass storage configuration, let players Can play freely, refresh the game industry benchmark again.

From August 2nd to 5th, the annual player event ChinaJoy was in full swing in Shanghai. Although the weather was hot, it was even more hot among the fans in the venue. As one of the most popular booths on ChinaJoy every year, Lenovo Savior still brings many surprises this year, and together with thousands of players, witnessed the debut of the Lenovo Savior Y7000P 2019 hail white version. 

This savior booth, with the theme of “being open to the black”, brings players a professional gaming experience, so that players who love e-sports can experience unprecedented joy together, you can not only be with your favorite anchor. You can play a few strokes with the Jingdong JDG team. The most important thing is that there is also a professional hero league official beauty commentary RITA, playing CALL for your entire operation.

To say that the most eye-catching part of the Savior booth is undoubtedly the release of the rescuer Y7000P. The appearance of the white, powerful performance, this new product attracted the attention of all the players in the entire ChinaJoy exhibition area, Lin Lin, Lenovo’s consumer notebook product director in China, introduced the new product to the players.

The Savior Y7000P 2019 Hail White is equipped with the i7-9750H processor and the RTX 2060 graphics card. It provides powerful performance output. When running large games, it can also achieve the ultimate game without crashing or skipping frames. Experience. Not only that, Lenovo also brought 16GB RAM popularity storm, 1TB SSD plus 16GB memory, mass storage once again refreshed the industry benchmark, fully meet the user’s storage needs, providing faster data storage and extraction speed, allowing players to freely Play and enjoy yourself.

Lenovo Savior Hail White also has three hard-core technology to help the performance of the ultimate release, DDG dual-mode display free switching, independent display can directly output screen to reduce frame loss; Fn + Q one-button super god, with beast, balance, Quiet three modes, fully meet the needs of users in different scenarios; and TSI frost blade cooling system to ensure efficient cooling and temperature control while minimizing fan noise, the product has these three hardcore technology blessing, the game The player’s heart can be imagined. Lenovo, as a big-line manufacturer, always takes the user as the core, listens to the user’s voice, meets the user’s needs, and brings more professional and more extreme game products to the players.

In addition to the Savior series notebooks, the savior booth also exhibited other Lenovo products. The first YOGA C940, C740 and Xiaoxin Air 14 2019 equipped with the 10th generation Core processor, the new chicken competition game machine The Savior Blade series.

In addition, the event site also showed a black version of the Y7000P 2019. The disassembled form of the exploded view attracted many players’ attention. The rescuer showed the internal structure of the product in layers, demonstrating the ultimate craft design.

This is a carnival about digital entertainment and fans. As a user-centered technology company that follows the trend of the times, Lenovo always puts the user’s product experience first and is committed to grasping the needs of users. Give users more satisfied products.

Finally, in terms of price, the i7-9750H processor and the RTX 2060 graphics card model saver Y7000P hail white first price is 9699 yuan; i7-9750H processor and 1660Ti graphics card saver Y7000P hail white first price is 9099 yuan.

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