Violation of the German “Internet Execution Law” Facebook received 2 million euros ticket:

By | February 10, 2020

Violation of the German “Internet Execution Law” Facebook received 2 million euros ticket:

The German Federal Ministry of Justice announced in early July that it would issue a 2 million Euro ticket to Facebook.

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German Federal Ministry of Justice announced in early July, to face book (Facebook) issued a 200 million euros a ticket because of a violation of Facebook German ” Network Execution Law “.

According to the ” Network Execution Act ” (Netzwerkdurchsetzungsgesetz), which came into effect in January 2018 in Germany, social media such as Facebook must delete fake news and hate speech within 24 hours, and is obliged to publish the corresponding German report every six months, including The number of illegal reports and how to deal with them.

The German Federal Ministry of Justice (Bundesamt für Justiz) stated that Facebook’s report on the first half of 2018 contained incomplete content and that users reported illegal speech less often than they actually did.

Generally speaking, when users find hate speech, fake news, illegal content, etc. on Facebook, they can report it. Then Facebook must remove these comments as soon as possible. Facebook provides two reporting channels, one is a report button that is easier to find next to any message, and the other is a report form that is specific to the Network Execution Act, but it is harder to find. Facebook’s report, regarding the number of times users report, is subject to the use of the report form.

The German Ministry of Justice believes that because the report form is “too hidden”, most users will choose to use another method. So the result of the report is “incomplete” and not transparent enough for the user.

  • Facebook considers filing a complaint

This ticket has no legal effect, and Facebook can also file a complaint. If the German Ministry of Justice does not revoke the ticket, then the court must make a judgment.

Facebook said that it will carefully check the ticket and reserve the right to appeal.

It is reported that in the report given by Facebook, the number of reports of hate speech in the first half of 2018 is significantly less than that of Google and Twitter. Google’s Youtube video platform received about 215,000 reports, of which 58,000 were deleted. Twitter received about 265,000 times, of which 29,000 were deleted. Google only reported 886 reports involving 1,704 messages, of which 362 were deleted.

So far, there are still some people in Germany who are opposed to the “Network Enforcement Law” because the description is not clear enough, and it will cause social media to actively block some content that is in a vague zone because of fear of being punished.

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